What is The Mentor Ring?

The Mentor Ring invests in people.

The Mentor Ring’s mission is to provide support for individuals at critical times in their career growth. We identify where assistance is needed, then we find and fund ; schools, programs, and certifications that will promote ones career.  At The Mentor Ring we understand that promising mentees may have encountered unforeseen obstacles or setbacks ; we are here to help. To be eligible for a TMR Grant, one must demonstrate outstanding quality, depth of work and or commitment to your career through added documentation ( i.e. Resume, Awards, Certifications.)  Please refer to our submission guidelines. 

Who are the Foundation’s partners?

The Mentor Ring foundation recognizes that every sector has a role to play and that public to private partnerships can create powerful results. The Foundation works with other nonprofits, foundations, businesses, governments and individuals. Some of these entities are considered strategic partners, as they are aligned with our key goals, and often support similar projects and organizations.

 TMR’s Commitment

       We commit to building relationship; to enter the world of someone else, to hear about new dreams and challenges and to share our own stories.                                                We commit to recognizing that change often comes in small steps,  that victories can be unseen or unspoken, and that obstacles will always be present.                                    We commit to realizing that our actions carry new weight and responsibility, that our role can never be taken lightly, that our lives will also change with this experience.


We commit to being your mentor.